Colorado Springs Strategic Planning Facilitator and Moderator

Do you need an experienced Strategic Planning Facilitator in Colorado Springs or the Pikes Peak Region? Are you planning an association, board or leadership team meeting, retreat or planning session where an outside facilitator would be of value? Do you need someone to help you stay focused and out of the weeds?

Colorado Springs coach, strategic planning and teambuilding facilitator, speakerStrategic Planning Facilitator, Partnering Meeting Facilitator, Team Meeting Facilitator, IAF Member

My name is Laura (Benjamin) Lollar and I’m a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAP). I have a tested track record of helping groups create or update their vision/mission/goals/objectives, generate constructive ideas and strengthen relationships.

Should we work together, I will help you…

  • Develop a practical, common-sense, efficient meeting Agenda to accomplish your goals
  • Keep you out of the weeds and focused on meeting your objectives
  • Set goals and strategies that are in line with your mission, vision and values
  • Facilitate respectful discussions and make sure everyone is heard
  • Lead relevant, interactive exercises when appropriate/desired
  • Provide in-depth team and/or DiSC behavioral style assessments upon request
  • Identify or clarify individual roles, goals and responsibilities
  • Help your team, council board or leadership group get to know one another better
  • Recommend a convenient, affordable, service-driven retreat center or meeting space upon request
  • and more…

I work with organizations throughout Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region, including Monument, Falcon, Fountain, Widefield, Briargate, Pueblo, Woodland Park/Divide and Black Forest.

Would you like to discuss your meeting or planning sessions goals?

If so, please contact me at your convenience.

Here are a few of the great folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

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