Colorado Springs Communication, Business, Career Coach

Laura Benjamin Colorado Springs Denver Communication Consultant, FacilitatorLaura (Benjamin) Lollar has coached business professionals, senior leaders, company owners and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, Laura works with those who want a good listener, practical tips and tested ideas on interpersonal skills, communication, leadership issues, career decisions and small business strategies.

Known for her personable, encouraging and down-to-earth approach, Laura offers a wide variety of ways to work together: by phone, in person or via Skype. She offers “just in time” coaching, 4-8 week packages and 4-6 month arrangements. Sessions can range from 60-90 minutes to multi-day, “immersion” support.

Laura has also been hired by human resources managers, executive directors and senior leaders to work with high-value individuals in their organization on interpersonal skills, communication, sensitivity and leadership.

Well-suited as a coach and mentor, Laura’s Strength Finders Report identifies her top five strengths as:

  • Relator: finds deep satisfaction in working hard with those whom they have developed constructive relationships to achieve a goal.
  • Empathy: senses the feelings of others by imagining themselves in others’ lives or situations; people share their innermost thoughts or feelings knowing they will be accepted without judgment.
  • Maximizer: focuses on strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence to transform something strong into something superb.
  • Developer: recognizes and cultivates the potential in others, spotting the signs of each small improvement and inspiring individuals to see their best qualities and claim their moments of excellence.
  • Strategic: skilled at creating alternative ways to proceed; faced with any given scenario, quickly spots the relevant patterns and issues, generates innovative ideas and proposes systematic programs of action.


Joe Balas Colorado business coaching client

“Need practical, sage coaching or business advice? Laura (Benjamin) Lollar is the person for you!  As a budding, future small business owner, Laura’s advice and business insights were spot-on and always given in the spirit of positive reassurance.  A class act, I cannot thank her enough for the guidance and direction she provided.  Simply put, Laura is a consummate and seasoned professional.  Her saying, “It’s never JUST business … it’s ALWAYS personal” rings true!Joe Balas USAF Major (Retired)

Jeff Kurtz Colorado coaching client

“I’ve known Laura for almost 20 years. As my mentor and coach, she played a crucial role when I started my training and development company years ago. She worked with me to develop my brand and marketing strategy. Our brainstorming sessions were priceless. Laura has exceptional communication skills, especially her unique ability to hear what is not being said. This allowed me to expand my business in ways I had not thought of. Laura’s guidance and support were invaluable and I cannot thank her enough!” — Jeff Kurtz, Colorado

“I have known Laura Benjamin for over a decade and observed her on many occasions. Her performance has always been outstanding and her emotional intelligence is unsurpassed. As the EEO Manager at Ft Carson, CO I contracted with Laura numerous times to present timely, practical and interesting workshops to the civilian and military workforce. She always received excellent ratings and was subsequently invited by other senior executives at the base to conduct presentations and strategic planning sessions for their organizations. Laura exhibits professionalism at every level. Her personal attributes include integrity, technical competence, superlative interpersonal skills, and a sincere concern for the well being of the participants in her programs. She has extensive knowledge about organizational behavior and successfully facilitates the achievement of visionary goals. Besides being an accomplished speaker and writer, she is a role model, coach, teacher and leader of individuals and groups. She has the ability to simplify complex processes and guide people towards realizing their potential. I am proud to commend Laura Benjamin for her talents, skills and character. I recommend her without reservation, knowing that she would be an asset to any organization, which in return would benefit immensely from a business relationship with her.” — Dr. Janet Sullivan, Director, Anger and Stress Management Institute

“’Consummate professional’ is the phrase that comes to mind when thinking of Laura (Benjamin) Lollar. I had the pleasure to work with Laura in my recent job search and development of new career goals after obtaining my bachelor’s degree. She guided me in making my resume more professional, and in organizing my approach to finding a new job. Laura was very engaging and knowledgeable about what steps I needed to take in order to reach my career goals. Laura was easy to work with and very encouraging during my job search. I would highly recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for assistance in a career transition or needing resources for their company. She will not disappoint.” —Tracey Lopez, Accounting & Finance professional

“The investment I made in my communication skills by receiving coaching from Laura Benjamin is producing marked results for our organization and for our team! After the session I returned to work inspired, and the feeling of enthusiasm hasn’t left me. Possibilities abound and I am grateful for the new awareness that excellent ideas are all around for the harvesting, now that Laura has trained me to see them. “I Spy. . . an idea!” I look forward to further coaching with Laura!” –Dawn Griffin, Director of Leadership Development & Training, Community Bible Study, Colorado Springs CO

“I had the great opportunity to work side by side with Laura as she provided leadership coaching. She was a great resource of information. She was thorough, detail oriented and such a pleasure to learn from. She taught me the CARLA Concept, helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve on both areas, which I feel helped me to become a better leader. It was a privilege working with her.” —Bee Tyquiengco-Pena, Wells Fargo

“Wow, I have a bunch of things to do after our chat today. I need to sit down and really think about my story. Then I need to implement your ideas. I really like your approach!  You gave me a lot to think about! Thanks for listening and suggesting those great thoughts and insights!!”—Dan P., Coach, Consultant

“Laura is such a motivational, inspirational and informed professional. She has been extremely helpful in assisting me towards beginning a successful career, helping me recognize my abilities and talents and giving me direction in taking the steps to make it all happen. She offers great support and ongoing encouragement. I highly recommend her for her coaching abilities.”—Audrey Burton, Relationship Coach, Michigan

“I appreciate you greatly. You are the reason my career was saved and is going in the right direction again.” –C.D.

“I hired Laura to help me with the naming of my business, Personal HorsePower. I use untrained horses to help clients with Leadership and Communications issues and I was struggling with the right name. Laura asked me key & relevant questions about my business, the services I provide, and what my goal was in helping my clients. She then suggested “Personal HorsePowerLLC” and I knew right then and there that that was the perfect name for my business. She did this in less than an hour. Laura is a professional I have hired on several occasions and I give her my highest endorsement. Do not hesitate to hire Laura…you’ll be glad you did. Please feel free to contact me for any additional questions.” — Michael Lehnertz, Owner Personal HorsePower Leadership Seminars, Leadership Coach, Communications Consultant

“It was 2005 when I first learned about Laura through listening to her communication webinar series. Impressed with what I learned and actually used from the series over several years, I contacted her in 2010 to help me plan for new growth in my professional life. And I’m so very glad I did. Laura is an excellent consultant and one to whom I return time and time again just to bounce a few ideas around or seek clarification regarding my professional growth. She provided me expertise in opening up avenues for career building, expanding business relationships, and helping me to communicate complex concepts to implement wide-spread organizational change. The tools/frameworks she provided contributed to innovative and award winning accomplishments. I highly recommend her expertise.” –Janet Bethay, Environmental Engineer and Owner, Bethay Consulting, LLC