Why I Haven’t Written In Over a Year

It’s been over a year since I wrote my last business blog article on the old website. But I don’t feel one little bit guilty about it. During that time, I worked a lot, met the love of my life and got married. (Yep, it’s never too late, even at this stage of the game!)

Meet Doug, the love of my life!

Laura Lollar

Don’t we look happy? (We are!)

Laura and Doug Lollar

So, I let the blogging go for a year. It’s not that you folks weren’t important. Far from it. Most of you are friends, clients and colleagues, so you matter to me. But during that year, I needed to take a break and re-evaluate how I was spending my time. (Plus, I was a wee bit distracted!)

Here’s what I had to ask myself:

  • Is there something you’re doing because you’ve done it that way for a very long time?
  • Is there something you’re doing only because someone else expects it of you?
  • Is there something you’re doing because it’s the “norm” in your industry?

It’s healthy to question, to re-evaluate rather than continue on auto-pilot.

And it’s not about needing more time to take on one more thing. Rather, shouldn’t we eliminate something (or someone) that’s sucking up our time and energy and generating very little value?

  • What is “it” for you?
  • What’s the lost “opportunity cost” if you continue to fill your life with busy-ness?
  • Will you be too tired or too distracted to notice when that opportunity comes along? 

Be discriminating. Put the most important things first. We only have so much time left on this earth. Let’s not waste it!   

P.S. It’s great to be back! My name is changing to Laura Lollar and my new website is CommunicateColorado.com